GoodbyeHello 1.0.7


Developer:Limit Point Software
Sub category:File Management

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  • GoodbyeHello is a utility for making files and folders invisible or visible. When you drop a file or folder on the app's Finder or Dock icon, or its main window, it will be made invisible. You can also use the File menu commands "Make Files Invisible..." or "Make Folder Invisible..." to make files or folders invisible. Use the File menu command "Make Path Visible..." to make a file or folder visible. This command requires you to enter the pathname of the file or folder. You can also navigate to the files you want to make visible using the "Make Files Visible" command, and navigate to the folder you want to make visible using the "Make Folder Visible" command. Note: pathnames of processed files and folders are logged to the console. You can open the console by selecting "Open Console..." from the File menu. The log is useful for copying file and folder pathnames into the "Make Path Visible" window's text field.names into the "Make Visible" window's text field.

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