SOHO Notes 9.3.7


Title:SOHO Notes
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  • Note: SOHO Notes is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale. The developer has created a new app, Notelife, as their premier note-taking application. SOHO Notes is the premier digital note-taking application for Mac. Use it to capture, organize, and share all of your personal and workgroup information. It can store rich text, PDF's, images, files, movies, audio, bookmarks, and Web archives. Synchronize notes between multiple computers, iPod's, and Palm handhelds. Single And Multi-User Capable - SOHO Notes is as equally suitable for the sole proprietor with a single computer as the small business with a few dozen networked computers. This all new note manager is based on a commercial database engine for high-performance and reliability. Its client/server design makes SOHO Notes ideal for anything that needs to be shared such as meeting notes, confidential company documents, employee handbooks, approved company artwork and logos, product plans, marketing campaign documents, etc. Sharing notes is easy with its manageable user access privileges.

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