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  • JIKANKEI is a software of Art Project. The word JIKANKEI is the Time System in Japanese. JIKANKEI does not express scientifically accurate data. It is only an Art work. Linger in the morning brightness, in the afternoon glow, and enjoy the gradually changing seasons on this globe. JIKANKEI is like fictions or poems. It is useless in this pursuit of profitable computer society. The author makes no warranties to your physical and/or mental damages. JIKANKEI displays angles of the SUN and local times of cities and places on the Earth. Sunrise and sunset data are taken from US Naval Observatory Date Services through Internet. "Chapter 4: SATELLITE IMAGE" shows Google map's satellite images of the Places on the background. "Chapter 3: MEMORIES" makes a memory of the day of FUJYO JIHOU at your time zone, and the memory can be called by your will without Internet connection in the future. "Chapter 2: FUJYO JIHOU" shows Sun directions and FUJYO JIHOU (gradually changing time) that is before Westernized Japanese Clock System. FUJYO JIHOU divides daytime to six equal periods which an angular unit to 30 degrees is measured along the celestial equator. When it is equinox one of periods is almost two hours. However It is changed by seasons, summer time is longer and winter time is shorter. The each divided points were named to the 6 directions of zodiac symbols in day time and the 6 directions of symbols in evening, such as U (pronounced "wu" rabbit, sunrise: six gongs), TATSU (dragon, 30 degrees from sunrise / about two hours form sunrise: five gongs), MI (pronounced "me" snake, 60 degrees from sunrise / about four hours from sunrise: four gongs), and so on. JIKANKEI also shows one twelfth of daytime and one twelfth of evening time for the understanding of differences between twenty fourth even divided modern clock system. "Chapter 1: BEGINNING" was started in 2002. It had basic Time functions, and collected time data through Internet.

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