CaptureMate HD 2.0


Title:CaptureMate HD
Developer:Ben Bird
Category:Multimedia Design
Sub category:Author Tools

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  • CaptureMate HD captures standard QuickTime Movie files; each time the mouse is clicked or the space bar is pressed, a frame is captured to the file. There is also an option to capture real-time video at full frame rate. CaptureMate HD is extremely robust and efficient, with very low latency between mouse clicks and frame captures. Video is captured uncompressed and in full resolution, for maximum quality. CaptureMate HD is designed to work with the "WorkPrinter" film transfer equipment manufactured by MovieStuff, but it can be used with other film transfer devices, or for stop-motion animation. CaptureMate HD works with any Mac-compatible video input source. If using a WorkPrinter device, you will need a camera with at least 12x optical zoom. CaptureMate HD works with the following devices: - Any Blackmagic device for analog, SDI or HDMI input - Standard-definition FireWire DV camcorders - "UVC" USB cameras - "IIDC" FireWire cameras - Built-in Apple iSight / FaceTime cameras - Any USB analog input device supported by the VideoGlide driver Pro-level HD camcorders and DSLR cameras with live HDMI output can be used, with a suitable Blackmagic HDMI input device. Note that most consumer-level cameras do not output live video via HDMI; check with the manufacturer before purchase. UVC and IIDC are standard interfaces for USB and FireWire cameras; before purchasing a camera, check its specifications for these features to determine if it's compatible.

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