WebYep 1.7.3


Developer:Objective Development Software GmbH
Sub category:HTML

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  • WebYep is a compact Web Content Management System for extremely simple creation of editable Web pages. It is a low priced alternative for small to medium Web sites. WebYep focuses on Web designers that concentrate on design and don't want to adopt PHP or deep HTML skills to simply make some pages (of a maybe already existing website) editable. WebYep uses reduced functionality on the user (editor) side, keeping the Web designer in control and removing the load of complex content administration from the user - editing Web content with WebYep can truly be done by everyone! As it's very important to us that you can easily test the full feature set of WebYep, you can download here and run the full version of WebYep including the WebYep Dreamweaver Extension without a license code! Until a valid license code is entered, you will only see a popup window (with a demo notice) when accessing the website that uses WebYep. Beside that, the "demo" mode has no restrictions and offers the full feature set.

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