Sequencher 5.3


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  • Sequencher is the industry standard software for DNA sequence analysis. It works with all automated sequencers and is widely known for its lightning-fast contig assembly, short learning curve, user-friendly editing tools, and superb technical support. First released almost 15 years ago, Sequencher is currently used for sequence analysis tasks in every major genomic and pharmaceutical company as well as numerous academic and government labs in over 40 countries around the world. Life Science researchers use Sequencher for many diverse DNA sequence analysis applications including de novo gene sequencing, mutation detection, forensic human identification, systematics, and more. Sequencher capabilities include heterozygote and SNP detection and analysis, cDNA to Genomic DNA large gap alignment, comparative sequencing, support for confidence scores, ORF translation, GenBank feature import, and restriction enzyme mapping. It has many new capabilities that can reduce the time required to identify and validate heterozygotes and SNPs in your sequences. Pricing for Sequencer must be obtained by requesting a quote, which you can do here.

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