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  • MacForensicsLab is a complete suite of forensics and analysis tools in one cohesive software package. Combining the power of many individual functions into one application in order to provide a single solution for law enforcement professionals and digital forensic investigators. When you need a single tool to perform digital forensics - you need MacForensicsLab™ from Inc. Detailed documentation is automatically created while you are performing your forensic examination. Logs are kept of every action performed, every item found, and freeform notes taken during the case, to tie them all together with your thoughts on the process. These can then be exported in a standardized, customizable, easy-to-share, template-driven, HTML report either at the end of, or during the investigation. Click here for a sample output report. Evidentiary integrity is maintained and protected with the utmost care. Duplicates are made at top speed (perfect for time sensitive acquisition tasks) with careful consideration for protecting the original media. Backups are made with integrated segmenting, granular hashing, and intelligent media fault management. Inline processing allows the creation of dual output images and associated hash files. Keyword analysis and cataloging is performed in multiple languages, and is compatible with multi-byte character sets, and includes MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 checksum calculations. This allows the investigator to seek out items of interest across entire devices, within folders of files, and directly inside specific files.

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