SAT Vocab Prep 1.5.0


Title:SAT Vocab Prep
Developer:Custom Solutions Of Maryland
Sub category:Teaching Tools

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  • SAT Vocab Prep was developed to help you prepare for a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Each test requires that you match words to descriptions (simple definitions); there are 20 words in each test. Each word is selected randomly from a built-in list of approximately 5,000 words. When the "Start Test" button is pressed, the description is shown. The player uses the drop-down menu to choose the correct word from the five choices and clicks on the "Enter" button. If the answer is correct, ten points are added to the score. If the answer is incorrect, one point is taken from the score. In the event of a correct answer, the "Next Word" button is pressed automatically after a few seconds. In the event of an incorrect answer, the correct answer is displayed and the test continues when you press the "Next Word" button. The High Scores window displays the top ten scores with the player's names. A Help window is provided. Sound can be turned on/off. High scores information and the setting for sound are saved between sessions.

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