FontMatch 1.8.7


Developer:Stretched Out Software
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  • FontMatch analyzes sample fonts to find matches amongst your Mac's available fonts. How many times have you been searching for a font, looking through the font books one page at a time, or just knowing that it's on your computer somewhere, but you cannot remember its name? Maybe a customer gave you a business card and asked you to match it, or maybe you saw a sample of the perfect typeface somewhere and wanted to create something similar… it's time consuming, isn't it? Not to mention frustrating. FontMatch™ to the rescue! Instead of calling all the designers you know for advice, you can ask FontMatch™ to "look" at a sample and compare it to each font on your computer. FontMatch™ compares positive and negative space in a manner very similar to the way your eyes do, matching patterns to determine the best "fit". After examining each font, it displays two images side by side: the one you supplied, and FontMatch's best answer or you can scroll through each of the answers, and see a percentage for each one that represents the closeness of the fit. Unlike the online matching utilities, this program matches only to the fonts that you already have in your computer. All you have to do is supply FontMatch™ with an image file (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.) and then specify what character this image represents (for example, capital C.) FontMatch™ can search through the fonts loaded on your machine, or (new for version 1.1) all of the fonts in a particular directory. The speed of obtaining results seems almost magical-- what used to take hours now takes only minutes.

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