AWAD Desktop 1.1


Title:AWAD Desktop
Developer:Malarkey Software
Sub category:Reference

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  • 46c349f27473a180a1d97989885070ba

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  • AWAD runs a mailing list called A.Word.A.Day. It's a great service and I've been a subscriber for a number of years. However, I can never retain the vocab word I get each day. I get a new e-mail in the morning, look at the word, think to myself "Oh, that's an interesting word. I should try and remember that one", and then off I go to start my day. So I hit upon an idea based on those "Word A Day" desk calendars: what if I wrote an app that displayed the current word of the day on my screen so that anytime I wasn't doing anything, I'd see the word. After several days of work, AWAD Desktop was created.

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