Witch 4.3.3


Developer:Many Tricks
Sub category:System

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  • Witch makes switching between windows easy. Have you ever wanted to switch to a certain window, not just the application it belongs to? While you can use Exposé to switch windows, doing so can be very clumsy if you're the keyboard-only type of user. And don't all of these windows look just the same when they are scaled down? Witch lets you access all of your windows (in all Spaces using Mac OS X 10.6 and Witch 3.2 or newer) by pressing a shortcut and choosing from a clearly arranged list of window titles. You can also see an optional window preview before switching windows. Moreover, you can use Witch to... - Directly access minimized windows without using your mouse - Close minimized windows without bringing them to front first - Zoom, de-/minimize, and close windows on the fly

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