Hack to the Past 3.0


Title:Hack to the Past
Developer:NoName Scriptware
Sub category:AppleScript

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  • Hack to the Past will bring back the shortcut key combo, Command + N, for creating a New Folder before Apple (Hello, McFly, anybody in there?), in their infinite wisdom, switched it to Command + Shift + N. So instead of continuing to use that cumbersome command to create a new folder, you can now 'Hack to the Past' and return to using Command + N like it was before the cats (all OS X versions) came on the scene. It will also swap the New Finder Window with Command + Shift + N as it should be, IMHO. You can also revert back if you've become used to the "cat's" way and you're getting totally confused and are simply used to these post-OS 9 commands. Plus, the actual menu items (in the Finder) are updated as well, and Command + N will work even in dialog boxes, so everything is seemless to you, the end user. Will not 'stop working' between software updates, but you will likely have to run the script again if you reinstall system software or update to a completely new 10.x version.

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