Ultranium3D 1.1


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  • Ultranium3D is an incredibly addictive 3D breakout game. Entirely rethought and redesigned, this new version of the Jadeware classic offers a smoother, more comprehensive gameplay based on skill and reflex. This updated Ultranium release packs all of the block-breaking action that you would expect from a traditional arkanoid clone, in an amazing 3D environment. Four new skill levels have been added, ranging from "slow" for the novices, to "hardcore" for the experts that want to engage in a frenzied block-breaking rampage that can only be described as sheer mayhem. Give your paddle complete freedom of movement, put extra balls into play, perform combinations for extra points and watch as the blocks revolve around a unique 3D virtual environment to create a whole new level of gameplay. The game comes complete with an authentic techno soundtrack that will have you playing for hours.

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