Splendid City 7.0.6


Title:Splendid City
Developer:Niagara Software
Sub category:Sports

Rate 91% (Votes 1993)
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  • Splendid City, Team Sport Scheduler, and Sports Scheduling System is useful for people who organize team sport or game events. It can manage sport schedules of any size and complexity. Simply fill in the requested information into the wizard-like interface, and Splendid City automates the season, tournament, league, match, and round-robin schedules. A great first step and time saving tool for anyone who frequently does organizational sport scheduling. Splendid City can schedule games with any user specified combination of dates and times, regular or irregular. Create professional double or single elimination tournaments, multiple or single round-robin schedules, for any sport that requires pairings It features options that include the ability to set team and field constraints, game lengths; configurative time management utilities to help you organize events the way you would like; object constraint sharing; automatic schedule generation and re-generation; configurative project Web site creation, publishing via FTP, export to HTML, CSV, iCalendar, XML; standings support with tie-breaker formulas; contact management; import teams, fields, officials, players and player rosters from other users' projects ; constraint and conflict checking, and resolution Users can freely exchange all data associated with projects with other users who have a free copy of Splendid City Lite installed regardless of platform. The application comes with an integrated e-mail client that can aid with the exchange of object files among organization members. There is also a simple FTP client for direct uploading to Web domains from within the schedule view frame The scheduler gives you complete control over all aspects of the schedule, and creates solutions effortlessly and elegantly in accordance with the user data entered. It can be custom-tailored, and with repeated use via a plugin interface, can be made to automatically accomplish users' unique scheduling needs

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