Jum52 1.1.1


Developer:Richard Bannister
Sub category:Other

Rate 91% (Votes 1740)
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  • 18pna_Jum52_1.1.1.pkg
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  • 5a4b25aaed25c2ee1b74de72dc03c14e
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  • 749q9-Jum52-1.1.1.app.zip
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  • 1d7e10de8f6b1a565b48372b594c9bf7
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  • lcq79.Jum52.1.1.1.dmg
  • 351.9 KB
  • MD5
  • b0e20b7075227dca62d86fe1e5ccb05d

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  • Jum52 supports reasonable compatibility with Atari 5200 titles. At the present collision detection is a bit hit and miss (no pun intended) but otherwise the emulator is solid enough. High quality sound emulation is provided. Additional features can be added to this emulator via Emulator Enhancer.

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