FR-PhotoStudio 3.2.0


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  • FR-PhotoStudio is an ultra fast image browser. Direct hard disk browsing - FR-PhotoStudio can display hard disk contents directly, so you don't need to register images to FR-PhotoStudio. Additionally, you can easily copy, delete and rename image files on its browser. Incredible performance - Displaying thumbnails is one of the most time consuming function for image browsers. There are a lot of image browser that takes time to display thumbnails. FR-PhotoStudio displays thumbnails incredibly quickly by making use of preview information contained in each image file. Even if there is no preview information, FR-PhotoStudio generates thumbnails in background, so you don't have to wait until thumbnails are displayed. DTP features - FR-PhotoStudio has a lot of features to do your DTP work smoothly. FR-PhotoStudio displays thumbnails of EPS files quickly, and also FR-PhotoStudio displays color mode, encoding and compression of EPS and TIFF images.

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